Manny Ramirez is NOT to Blame, as much, as the MLB

[For some reason all of the baseball players are testing positive for some type of performance enhancing drug. Now this is America, and there is not too much that goes on unnoticed. That says more than the players are doing steroids, that means someone else had to know the players were trying to get in where they fit, like the MLB, and owners.  In other words, why are the individual players the only ones being prosecuted for using steroids?   Shouldn’t the MBL take accountability for the players actions for allowing it to happen?  These top players such as Manny Ramirez,  Barry Bonds, Alex Rodriguez, and Roger Clemens were some of the MLB top revenue generating players that attracts fans to the games and sell MLB products.  On the under, I think MBL turns a blind eye on  player like “Man Ram”  and Barry Bonds  to use performance enhancing drugs for MLB’s owners  benefits and their increase profits.  Other than blaming and  the players shouldn’t  the MLB be blamed I don’t know!   It’s just an idea, I think its only fair!!!!! Respectfully Mr. Dontknow


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