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NO Lebron vs KOBE it’s Orlando Magic vs L A Lakers NBA Finals!

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Well I guess Nike jump the gun by playing commercials promoting a NBA Finals match up of KOBE and Lebron, instead the reality is it will be a battle tested Orlando Magic vs L A Lakers matchup.  It looks like the two week lay off might have hurt the Cleveland Cavalier”s in the long run by losing game one and almost game 2 if Lebron does not hit that incredible 3 pointer.  Orlando Magic and coach Stan Van Gundy deserve some credit along with superstar Dwight Howard for with standing the negative media and focusing on the task at hand winning the series.  We watched good Dwight Howard turn into a GREAT Dwight Howard by demanding the ball in critical point’s of the game like a true franchise player.  Also the emergence and clutch play of Rashaard Lewis was priceless for the Magic while basically dominating the Eastern Conference finals.  At the end of the Day no Lebron vs Kobe it is Orlando Magic vs the L A Lakers, and Mr Dontknow predicts Kobe Bryant will get his first ring with out the Big Cactus.


Too Real for TV, Money Making Maroy is Building a Solid Brand with his Cross Country Pimping Series

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Too Real for TV is the brand and Cross Country Pimping is one of the Hottest DVD”S series that is out.  M Maroy is the man behind making it all happen.  M Maroy first  came on the scene with the smash hit DVD Cross Country Pimping,which became the new “American Pimp” of its time.  Starring some of the same characters such as Bishop Don Magic Juan and Mr. Ivy aka Pimping Ken.  The DVD is hosted by M Maroy who walks you through exclusive access to the underworld and lifestyle of real pimps Cross Country.  The documentary displays good imagery to go along with commentary from the host M Maroy, and a plethora of professional females for eye candy.  There are a few Pimp’s in the DVD that look so old they should be collecting social security instead of Pimping, but overall it is a great look.  From the success of the first Cross Country Pimping, M Maroy brought us part 2 and part 3 which has now become  instant classics’s of documentaries.  You may recognize his other projects such as Down South Players, and The Best of Both Worlds staring Pimp C.   Throughout this process of hard work and determination has emerged a solid brand called TOO REAL FOR TV that is well  respected and recognized from coast to coast. His work in the film industry has been stamped official and you can expect it to be here for a while.   For those who didn’t know, Mr. Dontknow got you!   Take the time to check out all 3 series of Cross Country Pimping by hitting the link’s and Step Your Game Up!!! Also at

Cross Country Pimping
Cross Country Pimping Pt. 2

Cross Country Pimping, Pt. 3

Willie Nelson speaks on Legalizng POT, Interview for 2010 Hemp Law

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Willie Nelson drop s knowledge on the government and the history of hemp, but Willie Nelson is a OG on many levels if not all somebody needs to speak the truth.  And what great music he made while enjoying his Tree’s.  And not the paper of the Declaration was written on paper made out of weed.   Respectfully Mr Dontknow Get your Volcano at

Lebron James shows why he was M.V.P. in Game 5: RECAP with Highlights

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Can Lebron James Keep carrying the Cleveland Cavaliers?  We will see in game 6 in Orlando.

White NYPD Officier Shoot’s, and Kills Off Duty Black Officier with 6 shots.

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   Today’s post is in reference to the 5 Alabama Officers that got fired for beating a man after a high speed chase, in that post we stated that Police brutality would never end.  In New York an Black off duty cop was leaving work when he seen a person trying to steal his car, he proceeded to chase the suspect.  At this time two Duty White officers seen the off duty cop giving chase with his gun drawn and decided to shoot first and ask questions later killing the Black officer.  If NYPD are shooting there own officers what chance does the everyday citizen have, let’s not forget they shot Sean Bell 50 plus times, I don’t know of any crime that requires that much force to one person, unarmed.  So the saga continues, what happen to all of the great training the Police go through, so they can make a rational decision’s in a tough situation?  Was this an accident, or just another example of over zealous, and scared Police that react by shoot first ask questions later, let us know?

NBA Star Stephon Marbury interview; Cell phones rings, Calls wife his best HO, Is the man HIGH?

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  This is one of the weirdest interviews by a NBA player I have ever seen, Stephon Marbury sits down and displays some unusual behavior.  For one if you do a interview you would think to turn your cell phone off, but then to get off the phone and call your wife your MAIN HO.  Now that is not everyday behavior, even for Stephon Marbury.  People have been trying to figure this cat out for a while but I cant call it, much respect for his talent but the way he talked about kissing his sister made me cringe.  Mr Dontknow Hit the Link if you want the Starbury Streetshoe Peace.Starbury Street Shoe


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  Yeah man some eye candy, for my folks Hen2300 and his boy Ray what that do!! Ha Ha .  AND EVERY WEEK WE WILL PICK OUR FREAK OF THE WEEK SO STAY TUNED!  IF YOU HAVE, ANY SUGGESTION’S FEEL FREE TO LEAVE A COMMENT.