Swine Flu Keeping us in Fear?

The topic that has every family glued to the TV is the break out of the Swine flu, what is it, where is it? No one seems to have any answers, how does this happen in the US this is not a third world country. Sometimes it makes me wonder is there a underlining reason why out of no where we have a flu that can kill you, is this another way to keep us in a state of FEAR?  What is it about this flu that is more dangerous than the common flu which takes 40,000 lives each year?  Why is everything always so SCARY when they report on the News , not too much positive  in the world I guess, or is it that the people who have lots of control and power like everyday people to live in a state of FEAR? Whats next after Swine Flu, you blink your eyes and go blind from the air.


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