Obama Painting the White House Black

Let’s be clear I’m not here to push any stereotypes, but I will give it to with no chaser; Obama is bringing more flavor and seasoning to the White House than it has ever seen in it’s existence. Start with the fact he needed his hoop court immediately so he could get his ball on and, that’s very natural for most blacks even the ones that cant ball.  Instead of hiring a nanny like previous presidents, President Obama ‘s mother in-law move in to help watch his 2 girls while he and Michelle are working.  Other examples of the white house being more cultured is the President and his family opening the white house up for concerts/parties bringing African American singers such as Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, and Beyonce, which gives more soul to the White House .  They even had the ol school “double dutch” jumping off, a childhood activity very common in black communities across the United States.  It is great thing when the Obamas continue to be grounded in their roots and not allowing society to influence their daily lives.  During all these events President Obama continues to work hard in rebuilding ournation and that’s what Black folks represent, HARD WORK… Respectfully Mr. Dontknow……


7 Responses to “Obama Painting the White House Black”

  1. Its about time the White House gets a makeover, The Obama’s will definetly add a lot of flavor and jazz where it’s needed. With Obama being the 1st president that’s not white, everything he does that’s not traditional at the White House will be examined under a microscope. I’ll be interesting what else Obama has up his sleeves, this is just the beginning!

  2. dontknow3 Says:


  3. I wish nothing but the best for the Obama’s . Do whatever you want paint the white house black . The world needed a Obama . The last president ran the country in the ground .. I need a JOB ..OBAMA FOREVER !!

  4. rightwingdog Says:

    I think you are giving Barack Hussein Obama way to much credit. He may makes changes, some are sorely needed BUT IMHO before it’s over he will drive the United States into the ground of Socialism.

    He is no raock star, he is no Messiah as Louis Farrakhan called him. He is a man who has an ego bigger than Alaska and a gift of smooth talk and greater than average intelligence. He is not “smart” he is intelligent. There is a ifference, a big difference!


    • dontknow3 Says:

      Smart intelligent either way he is a lot better than or last President, and who dont have a ego that is a politican, and you are right he is no rock star, but he has class and swag thats all…

  5. We will see, we will see!


    • dontknow3 Says:

      i respect that and your right we will see be patient We gave Bush and the right many years, its only fair?

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