Oprah, NEED’s some ERIC DYSON IN HER LIFE on behalf of Young Average Black Men

It seems to me that Oprah Winfrey has a slight problem with the typical everyday black man. Now lets see for the past 10 years she has done nothing less then resist the fact that rap music is not the cause for many of our social problems with in the Black community. Instead of embracing the culture and understanding it better, such as Eric Dyson, she would rather turn her nose up to it like she is above it. Check this out if our President can feel rap music I think Oprah and Bill Cosby been hanging wit the white folks to long, and dont get me wrong I like some white folks, but I enjoy being who I am. And not just hanging but developing a hate for their own race and dont even realize it, now I love some Things about Oprah but I dont like how she SHITS on the everyday black males. As Eric Dyson explain’s a little bit of the struggle, and understanding of it. Let me know if Im tripping.. Respectfully Mr. DONTKNOW


7 Responses to “Oprah, NEED’s some ERIC DYSON IN HER LIFE on behalf of Young Average Black Men”

  1. your trippin man. but you are right its not the rap its the ignorance 90% of the black community. Always blaming the white man. They need to learn that it was the African king that sold their ancestors to the Spaniards and then they sold them to America and Blacks were not the only slaves their were Whites Mexicans and Asians in slavery also. Were are not taut much in history anymore because “mothers of America” so we don’t learn much of the past we only learn that whites owned blacks and that’s its. its complete B.S. and for you to complain because Oprah doesn’t see things your way is complete B.S. so what if she looks at the black community like most others do that’s her point of view. Its mostly the black community’s fault for letting their young blood do this. step the fuck up be like your pres. Time for a CHANGE. Better your self that’s why you rant and rave about others is because you don’t like your self so figure your self out don’t judge others look at your self in the mirror and ask your self “What is wrong with me that i don’t like?”. then CHANGE it.

    • dontknow3 Says:

      I hear u but know one is complaining just pointing out what I see and the white man is no any angel by any strech of the imagination ……

    • What world do you live in , the perfect example is the president . The past president is a silver spoon rich kid that is proud he’s a C student . Obama is a self made man ,that excelled at everything ,(A student) just paid his student loans off . Black people most of the time has to be four times better . The Black Man image is being attack everyday in the new media .On T V period . Being a black woman Oprah shouldn’t be a negative but a positive . By keeping her opinion to herself . Us her platform to help fight the image, by putting out all the great things Black Man do . Oprah don’t hate , just help the Black Man image .

  2. dontknow3 Says:

    And Y when ever a Black person says anythingg, white people say stop complaining and jus do better?? Maybe the Black man could if Mr Whitey would get his foot off the Black mans neck.. Just a thought..

  3. Hate is such a strong word! Remember she is with a “Black man” or is it just a front because they have been together for the longest time but not yet tied the knot. Hummmm? Although she owns Harpo and has full control of who comes to her show. Let’s not forget, majority of her viewer are white and so are the professionals in the entertainment industry which influences her views and decisions to “think white”. Oprah needs to give respect the the young black males who are doing productive things with their lives even those “rappers”. Better rapping than collecting welfare doing nothing!!

  4. dontknow3 Says:

    I hear u..

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