Perez Hilton aka”The Gay Gangster”

This is Mr dontknow but today I heard about this gay blogger name Perez Hilton SCREAMING mad about Miss Californias answer to same sex marriage. First they already told the gay community No when the state voted, but what I want to comment on is the LACK of respect and class these gay people shows towards someone who does not agree with their view. They meaning the gay community want to say something is wrong with us when your the one who is GAY, so wake up and stop trying to force your lifestyle on the WORLD and get over it!!!!! Respectfully MR Dontknow… any body feel me????


8 Responses to “Perez Hilton aka”The Gay Gangster””

  1. The Gay People always want to get in your ASS about this issue …

  2. dontknow3 Says:

    all day

  3. Luscious Says:

    Let me start by saying, gays are alright with me, except for Perez Hilton. He is inarticulate. He starts his arguement by saying that Miss Cali should speak to represent the people of California. Then he contradicts himself by saying that the people of CA voted against same sex marriage. She DID speak for California. Like I said, gays are alright with me, but Perez Hilton is an Asshole, no pun intended.

  4. Luscious Says:

    Let me just start by saying that gays are alright with me. Perez Hilton is inarticulate. He starts his argument saying that Miss Calsis supposed to represent California. He contradicts himself because the people of CA voted to ban same sex marriage from the CA constitution, on Prop 8. What is he talking about. Her comment DID represent CA. Like I said, gays are alright with me but Perez Hilton is an asshole. No pun intended.

  5. dontknow3 Says:


  6. I feel U, people like Perez should not force others to accept the “gay life style”, Miss CA is entitled to her own opinon. She ain’t hurting nobody!!!!

  7. Kelii on Maui Says:

    I am a PROUD gay man. I TOTALLY DISAGREE with Miss California’s stance on gay marriage and think she is entirely wrong. HOWEVER, I firmly believe she has a right to her beliefs and opinions. I truly respect her for speaking her heart in an arena where at least 50% of the crowd were homos. Some say the question was unfair. I disagree with that as well. But if she were ranked lower because of her answer, that is truly unfair.

    Personally, I watched the pageant and she was my favorite. While I was very disappointed in her answer (only because I assumed she was on “my side”), I still would have scored her favorably. She was intelligent, beautiful and hello? HOT!

    I think the problem for her now is that she portrayed herself as a conservative and now all those racy pictures have surfaced. For this, I would have gonged her, but NOT for her position on gay marriage.

    • dontknow3 Says:

      I feel you and respect that there is nothing wrong with being you but dont bash other people..

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